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First Property Registration Processes and Procedures

The Registration of Title Act 1964 (Compulsory Registration of Ownership) (Cork and Dublin) Order 2010 (S.I. 516/2010) initiated the compulsory registration of title in the Land Registry, now under the management of the Property Registration Authority (PRA). This mandate was extended to encompass the counties and cities of Dublin and Cork starting from June 1, 2011. Today, registration of title in the Land Registry is mandatory across all counties. This shift marks a transition away from the older and more restricted system of title registration in the Registry of Deeds. Furthermore, it aligns with government initiatives promoting "e-conveyancing."

Title Registration Overview

When property title is registered in the Land Registry, it involves recording all relevant property and ownership details within designated "folios." These folios, coupled with Land Registry maps, collectively constitute the official register maintained by the Land Registry.

Key Advantages of Registered Title

  1. Simplified Title Verification: The process of proving property title becomes streamlined, eliminating the need for a cumbersome collection of title deeds.

  2. State-Guaranteed Title: A Land Registry title benefits from the State's guarantee. In the event of an error in registration that leads to a loss for any individual, the State provides indemnification against such loss. Consequently, titles submitted for Land Registry registration undergo meticulous scrutiny to ensure accuracy.

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